Hello, Don't expect a lot of artsy beautiful pictures on here.. The majority of these photos were taken with my tiny little elph without even looking through the viewfinder :)... So.. About me.. I love to ride and sometimes crash motorcycles... Well.. I love riding them, and hate crashing them but you take the good with the bad.. right? Check out myspace for some more info on me and probably a link right back to here.. Thanks for looking Greg BTW... If you like a photo or have something to say.. Leave a comment on the photo (link to the bottom of the image.. You can also Click the thumb up or down in the upper right hand corner if you like.. or dont like the image. Note: 4/3/07... I did it! I finally broke down and bought an SLR. Canon 30D with the 28-135 IS lens kit.. Now just waiting for it to come in.. Hopefully this will make for some better action shots :) YEA! I upgraded to a 40D - More better pics to come! Now not only do I have a 40D but I just bought a 70-200 F2.8 IS L lens I really need to rewrite this intro

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